Sunday, September 17, 2006

FBC O'Fallon Ministry Fair

Thanks to all who helped today at the FBC O'Fallon Ministry Fair. We had a chance to talk to a couple of students that didn't know we were there to serve McKendree, and we also met a couple of parents who want to make sure their students know we are there for them. Thanks George, Kelly, Matt, and Anthony for helping out today.

On the down side, the Cardinals gaime against the Giants this afternoon was rained out and we got nothing for our money except for drenched!

The Gate's Evangelism Conference

The Gate hosted a great Evangelism Conference this past Friday and Saturday. Phil Nelson from Lakeland Baptist Church in Carbondale, Illinois came and shared with us about his thoughts on living an evangelistic lifestyle. Phil believes our actions speak so much louder than our words, so evangelism is a lifestyle that results from Christ peermeating our lives rather than just a verbal proclamation of the gospel. The verbal proclamation of the Gospel is the result of an overflow in our lives. We look forward to hosting the Evangelism Conference every Fall and seeing the difference it makes in the lives of our students throughout the year.

We are also thinking a bout hosting a Walk Thru the Bible Conference in the Spring. You can find more information on Walk thru the Bible at their website located here. Link.