Friday, March 23, 2007

BASIC Worship

Last night at our Thursday Night Worship at The Gate we were visited by the University of Illinois' BASIC group. BASIC stands for Brothers and Sisters in Christ. They are one of our sister Baptist Collegiate Ministries in Illinois. The U of I is on Spring break and the BASIC group was working on a misisons project about 10 minutes from The Gate. I was a little surprised, but very happy they came by. We had Lounge Worship (music, prayer, and reading Bible passages) planned and it worked out very well for the group. Thanks Jim Smith for stopping by. It is always great to see another group of Brothers and Sisters in Christ who enjoy worshipping the Lord.

Feeling Blue

The NCAA Men's Basketball tournament is at the point of being predictable this year. Sure we had a couple of major upsets in the first round, and there are even some teams I didn't expect in the second round. But after last night normalcy is arriving quickly as we move into the Elite Eight.

In the West Bracket Kansas (number 1 seed) beat one of my Alma Maters SIU and will face my other Alma Mater UCLA (number 2 seed) in the Regional Finals.

In the South Bracket OSU (number 1 seed) barely held on to beat Tennessee and will face Memphis (number 2 seed) in the Regional Finals.

If tonight's East and Midwest Brackets hold to form we should see North Carolina (number 1 seed) and Georgetown (number 2 seed) win in the East and Florida (number 1 seed) and Oregon (number 3 seed) win in the Midwest. The only surprise so far is that Wisconsin (number 2 seed in the mid-west was eliminated by UNLV.

I have to cheer on UCLA and Oregon. I love the Pac 10, but as a UCLA fan I can't cheer on USC. So far I am feeling blue! Go Bruins!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

What Goes Around Comes Around: Partisan Politics

Thanks to the Politico for this article on the Democrats not living within their own rules. Link. It isn't the Republicans or the Democrats I can't stand. It is politicians in general. They bend the rules when it makes sense for them and scream at others for bending them when it doesn't.

Friday, March 09, 2007

VIPeR - Small, Portable Reconnaissance Robot Designed to Support Combat Within Buildings

I came across an interesting announcement in the ASD Daily Report that talks about VIPeR Robots that the Israeli Defense Force have developed to use in the near future. These robots can help save lives in the war against terrorism. We will see more and more use of robots in the military as we find the force levels dropping and explore alternatives to sesnding our troops into harm's way.

The announcement is located here. Link.

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle

A new controversial documentary in the UK, called The Great Global Warming Swindle, is designed to show that human-made global warming is the conclusion of bad science. The documentary uses scientific evidence to show that we are in the midst of a naturally occurring pattern of global warming, not the result of humans producing a "Greenhouse Effect." Read the article here. Link.

I stick to the belief that the human-made global warming disaster is just another hoax designed by those whose political interests lie in creating sensationalism. I really don't know how all these items become the agenda of the politically correct police and gather such a following when they are based on poor science. I don't doubt that global warming is occuring, but I don't think it is a result of human introduction of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Friday, March 02, 2007

A Cre8ed Evening at The Gate

Thanks to everyone who came out to The Gate last night for our Creation/Evolution discussion. Our building was packed! My good friends and Sunday morning Bible Study teachers Bob and Liz Ridlon did an excellent job with their presentation, the crowd seemed fired up, and the discussion was awesome. I really enjoyed having the McKendree College Biology Professor in the audience. It left me wondering why we don't have a monthly meeting to discuss the topics of today.

On the other side of the arguement, it is so hard to remain objective when discussing such emotionally packed ideas as "where do we come from?" "Do the Bible and science complement each other?" And, "How do we fix the mess we find ourselves in?" We try to remain objective and look at the answeres both theologically and intellectually, and show that both can exist simultaneously, but rather quickly it turns into an emotional battle. I feel fairly comfortable being a moderator, but I know I am biased also.

Question of the night that I don't have an answer for (from a religion major):

So if you are a young earth creationist, how do you explain the fact that we can look through a high powered telescope and see stars that are over 4.5 billion light years away? If they are that far away and you can see their light, that means that that light must have originated over 4.5 billion years ago in order for us to se it today. What are your thoughts?

I honestly don't know an answer! If you do, please leave a comment.

I guess I'll check with Answers in Genesis.