Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Game Night at The Gate: Nov 16

We started a new ministry two months ago where we invite the local Jr High and High School students to our collegiate ministry (The Gate) to play video games one Friday night per month. It has turned out to be a great success. We had more than 50 students show up for our September and October Game Nights. Our next Game Night is November 16, from 7-11 at The Gate. The cost is $5 plus a can of food for our food pantry so that we can hand out holiday gift baskets to the needy in Lebanon.

Last Game night we even had a 16 player multi-player Halo 3 contest going. It is amazing how much attention 16 guys can pay to a television screen when Halo is on.

Anyhow, we will continue the Game Nights as long as we have students who will come. Parents also seem to like it because they know they can leave their kids and not worry that inappropriate things will happen. They can have a much needed break away from their kids on a Friday night, enjoy a dinner out, and know their kids are having the time of their lives. We look forward to the gamers coming every month.

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